The factory works since 1933, and during this time, thanks to the efforts and dedication of its employees, it has grown into a stable operating company, whose products are known and loved. In 1998, our company was awarded with the International prize "Nika" Europe in Paris - "For quality".

The company operates since 2006 international quality management system «ISO 9001-2009», which allows you to control every stage of production.



Today the factory employs more than 300 people. The factory has 4 main workshops - candy, biscuit, caramel and candy shop retail grades.

 Confectionary "Strela" today produces a wide range of confectionery: chocolates, candies, cookies.



The photo shows the production line of chocolates Arrow - the visit card of the companie!



The photo shows the candy retail shop, just coming out of the enrobing machine

Confectionery factory has its own branded fleet.




 In the city of Chernihiv has branded retail stores, which offers a wide range of products.





 Confectionery "Strila" are well known and loved in many regions of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Baltic countries, Germany, Poland, Israel, and others. The main task, which set a factory, it is output, bringing pleasure and joy to people.

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