According to the results of the independent ranking, PJSC "Chernihiv confectionery "Strila" was awarded with the “IMPORT EXPORT AWARD” medal, which is an indisputable confirmation of the company’s economic success.

National business rating (NBR) is an international rating program. Its main goal is to determine the economic leaders among the Ukrainian enterprises, assessing and comparing their effectiveness.

National business rating methods for estimation of efficiency of activity of enterprises based on existing approaches of domestic and foreign scientists. NBR explores various forms of ownership, sectors and territories. The end result of the evaluation is to classify the analyzed company to one of the groups (gold, silver, bronze) depending on the position in the ranking (1 - 50).

National business-rating follows generally accepted principles (impartiality, transparency and competence) of international rating agencies in assessing the activities of enterprises.


International certificate “EXPORTER OF THE YEAR” is awarded to companies with impeccable reputation for economic contribution to strengthening the prestige of Ukraine in the international market. The certificate confirms high achievement, integrity and reliability of the importing company.

Ratings by the National business-rating, helped to identify exceptional leadership among companies exporters/importers.

According to the results of the independent ranking of PJSC CHKF "Strila" in 2016, was awarded the medal "IMPORT EXPORT AWARD", which shall be conclusive proof of the economic success of the company.

Being the winner of "EXPORTER/IMPORTER of YEAR" awards PJSC "Chernihiv confectionery "Strila" opens new opportunities, which allow to improve competitiveness and create a reputation of a reliable partner.