About us

About us

The factory has been operating since 1933, and during this time, thanks to the efforts and dedication of its employees, it has become a stable working enterprise, whose products are known and loved.

Now the factory employs more than 300 people. The factory has 4 main workshops - candy, biscuit, caramel and the shop of retail varieties of sweets. The hallmark of the company was a sweet called “Arrow”. These sweets scattered to all corners of Europe with arrow speed and gained great authority and popularity among lovers of sweets.

In 1998, in Paris, our company was awarded the International Prize of Europe "Nika" - "For Quality". Since 2006, the company has been operating the International Quality Management System "ISO 9001-2009", which allows you to control every stage of production.

One of the latest achievements of the factory is the certificate of “Assembly of business circles”, which indicates that the company was awarded the “Golden Symbol of the Quality of National Goods and Services of Ukraine” on October 14th 2015.

PJSC ChCFStrela became a participant in the main event of the food market of Ukraine - the International Food and Beverage Exhibition World Food Ukraine, where it introduced to retailers and exporters more new food offers. The exhibition was held October 26-28, 2016 at the International Exhibition Center. The main goal of the exhibition is the presentation and conclusion of contracts for the supply of food.

Traditionally, the results of the annual Tasting Competition were announced at the exhibition, the winners were awarded with diplomas and medals. More than 50 products items were applied fro participation at the exhibition.

According to the results of the tasting competition in 2016, which took place in Kiev, the “Debut” and “Strela Assorted” candies received a gold award, which once again emphasizes the unique taste and original design of these goodies.

The exhibition was attended by 125 participants from 13 countries of the World; the exhibition was visited by more than 6500 people from 36 countries of the World.

The main goals of participation in the exhibition of PJSC ChCF ”Strela” were to increase the client base, reinforcement of  the company's image, and building of  brand awareness.

PJSC ChCF“Strela” was honorably presented at the exhibition; we hope that the new contracts will allow the company to enter new sales markets.

According to official statistics from Ukraine, the Chernihiv Confectionery Factory “Strela“PJSC for 2016 was awarded the “IMPORTER OF THE YEAR 2016” certificate, which indicates that the company received a gold rating among exporters in terms of “Number of Operations” for product group 180690.

The international certificate “IMPORTER OF THE YEAR 2016” is awarded to companies with an unblemished economic reputation for their contribution to strengthening the prestige of Ukraine in the international market. The certificate confirms the high achievements, integrity and reliability of the importing company.

This award is given to enterprises that make a significant contribution to the development of international trade, show significant turnover and create the image of Ukraine in the world market as a legal, economically developed state.

On behalf of the Presidium of the Assembly of Business Circles for outstanding services to Ukraine, PJSC Chernigov Confectionery Factory “Strela” was awarded the Order for Community Spirit, for significant achievements in the development of the economy, in organizing effective competitive production, and improving the well-being of the people.

The Order for Community Spiritis a verifier of the high patriotism and communitiy consciousness of the enterprise.

Today, within the conditions of severe competition, we are improving and striving for the best. Our main goal is to produce products that satisfy the most diverse tastes and preferences of our customers.

We work for your joy!